Inviting talent

San Joaquin Kannada Sangha is pleased to invite talented men, women, and children residing in our county to perform in various events that are conducted throughout the year.. We are constantly in need of individuals who can take responsibility to produce, direct and run a piece of a performance end to end independently. If you wish performing in any of the below mentioned performing art categories.

Singing – Semi classical, Film
Instrumental – Indian and Western

Indian classical, western, ballet, bollywood, folk and regional

Stage play
Mime, mimicry
Stand up comedy

Gifted art performances
Sand art, Speed painting to music, Fruit carving

Extreme performing arts
Magic and Illusion
Mystery gimmicks

Please apply either as individual or to be placed in group performances. Please bear with SJKS on exact final placement.
The theme is Kannada, so all live and recorded sound “for” and “of” the performances have to be in Kannada. Exceptions to this rule will be made when performer/s are Kannadiga/s.
Date and Venue will be notified soon, so please watch for updates.

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