Support US

By donating to San Joaquin Kannada Sangha (SJKS), you will be able to support causes important to Kannadigas with or without having to become directly involved. You might not be able to take time off of work to help a cause, but you can support San Joaquin Kannada Sangha to do so. Whatever the cause, by donating to us, you are helping to remedy a problem at hand.

Benefits of Supporting US

Feeling of Satisfaction

Another benefit of donating to a nonprofit like SJKS is that it provides you a good feeling. You will feel better after helping a children’s charity or a blood drive or support a cause, because you will know you have done something that may save lives or help others who are less fortunate.

Tax Deductibility

A benefit associated with donating to SJKS, is the tax deduction. When you donate you will see a proportionate reduction in your own income taxes–and possibly more money in your own pocket–because you were able to deduct the amount you donated to an Internal Revenue Service-approved charity.

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