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San Joaquin Kannada Sangha (SJKS) is a 501(C)(3) corporation established to invite and bring together, Kannadigas living in San Joaquin county of California.
It uses activities that preserve and curate karnataka’s Cultural, heritage and language facets to keep it active and dynamic, for fund raising and charitable giving in United States and India. Kannadigas by definition are persons connected to Karnataka, (a state in southern part of India) by virtue of speaking Kannada as a native language, ancestry, birth/marriage of either children, their own, parent’s or their grandparent’s ex-residency, or a keen desire to connect with the state of Karnataka.
San Joaquin Kannada Sangha’s charitable giving activities will include activities such as:
A. Community volunteering, and service projects
B. Lending volunteers to other organizations
C. Fundraising and Donating for a cause in India and the United.
Cultural activities typically will involve curation, preservation, exhibition, presentation showcasing to entertain and educate the community on many facets of Karnataka that may include its people, language, cuisine, social habits, music, arts, aesthetics, artists, craftsmanship culture, rituals, history, dances, festivals, geography, flora and fauna, tourism, religions, economy, industry, education, agriculture, sports, media through:
            ⁃ Social and networking events;
            ⁃ Dance, music, cultural festivals, and variety shows;
            ⁃ Language classes, theatre, folk arts, debating and educational training;I
            ⁃ History and heritage classes and shows;
            ⁃ Sports and game events;
            ⁃ Social media campaigns.
To do all of the above accountably, trustfully, honestly, and openly with no affiliation to religious, political or faith based institutions.

About Our Logo

Our logo embodies the thoughts of 15-20 people on the team. An early form of the fan wheel inspired by the blue in US flag makes up the center of the logo, and it symbolizes early evolution of karnataka’s language and culture. It also represents the wind energy harvested from our high wind county. The map of Karnataka represents the geography of our ancestry, our origins, and the yellow and red filling are colors taken out of Karnataka’s flag. They also represent colors highly regarded in the traditions of Karnataka. The red elements around the wheel represent people, the members of our Sangha - throwing their hands up in joy and, positioned in a pattern. The pattern represents our community that is in complete harmony with its ecosystem.

About Our Tagline

The tag line is about coming together to celebrate our way of life, to stay connected as an organized group displaying great collective behavior, structure and functioning. It means evolve together and develop as a community because of shared biological and sociological links and cultural heritage acquired through our lineage. It is all about the struggle we undergo to connect our “janmaboomi” (india) to “karmabhoomi”(USA), especially as responsible parents raising children in America with our ethnic value. It is being connected to the awareness about “who we are”, and how we reflect that awareness in all our actions to enrich a myriad of ecosystems we live and criss cross in, but most importantly the community we live in. Connections are our parents, our families, our teachers, our friends, land we grew up on, air we breathed, water we drank, the food we ate and on an ongoing basis the job we do and the employer we serve. It is about being grateful to our past, the present and our fellowships and nurturing all of such connections by giving back to the community.

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