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Our Mission and vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire Kannadigas, to come together, connect and contribute to promote the cultural, heritage and linguistics facets of Karnataka and, to become involved in giving back to the community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish San Joaquin Kannada Sangha as one of the top ten Cultural and charitable organizations in San Joaquin county.

It's time, lets change our societY

Let us come together, become a member here and provide very small-small helps to the needy to help them come up higher in the society


Let us donate whatever is possible, irrespective of the size, with pure heart


Let us hope our small help to a need today will help him to achieve something bigger later


Let us try in all aspects to inspire people with broad vision and clear thinking

Matching gifts and Volunteer grants

We humbly wish to inform all of you that there are more ways you can help SJKS double or raise more money registering SJKS with your employer and making SJKS eligible for two types of grant programs based on programs your employers offer:

  • Matching gift

    Corporations often give money to non-profit entities in the form of a matching gift which means that if you as an employee donates to SJKS, your employer will donate money to SJKS according to a predetermined match ratio (usually 1:1). If your employer approves a 1:1 matching grant, your dollars to SJKS will be doubled.
  • Volunteer Grants
    These are corporate giving programs that encourage volunteerism in communities where employees live and work. SJKS is a 501(C)3 corporation and is eligible to receive volunteer grants. Programs effectively turn supporter time and effort into funds. You can get a volunteer grant by registering SJKS with your employer in the program, after you determine your eligibility through a search. Once you’re eligible for a volunteer grant to SJKS through your company, you can submit your volunteer grant application using the forms. The company will then process the application and make a monetary donation to SJKS you have volunteered with.

Our Sponsors

We feel grateful to our sponsors, and owe them a lot

We like to remember paul melendez quote on trust

In order to establish trust, it is first important that you be trustworthy. This means you should be forthright with all your dealings.

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