SJKS seeks keen, talented and desirous performers and volunteers within San Joaquin County to voluntarily produce, direct and perform acts to educate and entertain its events audience. The Culture / Variety Arts / Variety Entertainment Show / Day will consists of variety of performances, not limited to dance, drama, music, dress parades, choir singing, stand up comedy along with other talent shows. The program will be conducted with gusto in festive yellow and red themes, and the performers will perform with great joy and vigor to the accompanying melody of patriotic songs.

To help fulfill aspirations of the participants and keep the program line up entertaining, diverse and inclusive: performers of all skill levels are solicited. We believe this helps participants to fulfill their creative urge and enable them to uniquely present facets of our art, culture and heritage. Event day logistics like stage management, sets, costumes and connected jobs are managed entirely by volunteers, some of who are quite adept at it.

The program line up is formed usually a month before event day and the participants list closes right around then. Please keep an eye for calls of openings in various performance categories. Please get a first hand understanding of earlier performances by viewing archived recordings.

Remember it is your own platform, so choose your way to shine and have a great time on the stage. It is all in the family, so please participate, perform and celebrate our culture and heritage and make the event day entertaining.

To perform solo one must have achieved reasonably higher level of skills or undergone six to eight years of concerted learning. Novice performers coached by an experience performer can come together in groups of eight to twelve, to perform.

Performers need to take cognizance of the following facts:

  • Be prepared to dedicated required time for rehearsal and practice
  • Be willing to follow the rules laid by the choreographer/director/performance lead
  • Be willing to pay for rentals on costumes if needed

SJKS as a policy does not permit mentors to charge money to train, direct, choreograph or extract performance, and permit perform to charge expenses.

SJKS requests stakeholders at all levels participating to deliver entertainment, to consider the platform it offers sufficient incentive to put up quality and a selfless performance. Through performances performers not only give back directly to the community, but motivate and induce aspiring talent for future performances.

Selection Criteria

Please don’t mind if one of SJKS volunteers will reach out to you via WhatsApp voice or other means. Dedicated WhatsApp groups will be used to coordinate all activities for each of the performances once put together.

SJKS will use the following criteria for reviewing performer requests:

  • Experience
  • Creativity, originality and conception
  • Professional presentation and overall audience impression
  • Quality of workmanship for prop
  • Audience Engagement tactics