SJKS needs the support of sponsors to become a strong activities based (Socio cultural and Charity) organization. Strong support from sponsors is crucial for the success of all of its initiatives.

Sponsorships help fund various aspects of organizational work and events. Sponsors can support by donating funds towards expenses incurred on individual or multiple expenses by directly footing bill/s due to suppliers/vendors. SJKS is grateful to some of its long-standing sponsors, who are helping it accomplish multiple objectives.

In return for commercial sponsorship SJKS offers multiple modes to promote a sponsor’s business. SJKS will get coverage for a sponsor’s business via Community talks, advertising options across print, display, electronic and social media during events, banners on SJKS website and coverage through their Yearbook/Annual Magazine. Some of the offerings extend to six months and beyond. Please request a “Sponsorship Prospectus” to take a look at a combination of placement opportunities, and decide on the one that fetches you the best ROI.

Please become a SJKS Sponsor, and enable us to help your business.

To make a Sponsorship check please write in favor of “San Joaquin Kannada Sangha”.

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