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San Joaquin Kannada Sangha (SJKS) is an all-volunteer 501(C)(3) corporation bearing EIN # 84-2615041. All contributions and donations to SJKS are tax deductible, so please donate generously.

Annual Donation – Complimentary membership

SJKS offers complimentary membership to annual donors at the beginning of each calendar year. SJKS requests to treat the annual donation as compassionate and voluntary action, that is foundational to help organize our community, and realize shared goals.
There are many great organizations, but you will sense SJKS is different. Please make some time, and came to one of our events, and you will realize SJKS is not only grounded in strong values but welcomes new members with open arms. Kannadigas who consider preserving cultural and heritage values in America as important will realize SJKS has the strength and the ability to do exactly that.
There are many advantages in making an annual donation. By making annual donation you can:

  • Serve on committees, perform duties and lead as volunteers in activities
  • Get free attendance to educational seminars and talks
  • Network to promote small business
  • Get event tickets at preferred pricing, and gain access to resources, assets, etc.
  • Get free copy of Shrungasiri – SJKS magazine
  • Complementary souvenir when applicable

SJKS builds and creates a rewarding relationship with the mainstream community through volunteering and “Give Back” activities. To know more about our activities, please talk to one of our committee members, and they will tell you all about volunteering, and the causes we support. Please join our team and help SJKS to do more for you, and the community.

Individual Donations
SJKS 2023 Membership (Jan – Dec) :

SJKS makes up a portion of it’s annual fund through individual donations given voluntarily without any restrictions, and raised through a direct appeal. By donating to SJKS, donors will be able to support causes important to Kannadigas in San Joaquin County with or without having to become directly involved. They may not be able to take time off of their work to help, but they can support a cause through a generous donation to SJKS.

All contributions to SJKS are tax deductible, and donations can be made through a check in favor of :

San Joaquin Kannada Sangha
512 Saint Jorge Avenue
Mountain House, CA 95391.

Or Deposit a check with :  Wells Fargo Account # 2924288919
Or Cash to Treasurer.
Or Zelle ( please verify names) :

You can also pay using any payment options given below:

Corporate Donations

We humbly wish to inform all of you patrons about more ways to help SJKS double or raise more donations by registering with your employer. There are two types of grant programs based on the employer, that SJKS can become eligible for:

Volunteer grants – These are corporate giving programs that encourage volunteerism in communities where employees live and work. SJKS is a 501(C)3 corporation and is eligible to receive volunteer grants. Programs effectively turn supporter time and effort into funds. You can get a volunteer grant by registering SJKS with your employer in the program, after you determine your eligibility through a search. Once you’re eligible for a volunteer grant to SJKS through your company, you can submit your volunteer grant application using the forms. The company will then process the application and make a monetary donation to SJKS based on who you have volunteered with.

Matching gift – Corporations often give money to non-profit entities in the form of a matching gift which means that if an employee donates to SJKS, your employer will donate money to SJKS according to a predetermined match ratio (usually 1:1). If your employer approves a 1:1 matching grant, your dollars to SJKS will be doubled.

Please try and register SJKS on your employers database after understanding the gift programs on offer. For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. So research and get information on your employer’s corporate donation program and make SJKS eligible to become a beneficiary.


SJKS will raise funds also through events because events engage members and allow people in the community to become involved with supporting SJKS at many levels.

SJKS conducts the following type of events:

  • Themed events such as Ugadi meet, Rajyothsava gala, New year Dinners etc.
  • Camping trips, bus tours, etc. that are fun and engaging
  • Educational workshops and Speaker series
  • Live and silent auctions
  • Runs and walks where participants pay to enter and work to obtain other donations from friends, family, and colleagues
Promotional and Souvenir Sale

Promotional items called also as “giveaways,” “swag,” “premiums,” “incentives” and a host of other names, are essentially merchandises like T-shirts, mugs, pens, tote bags etc. given away or sold by SJKS.

Proceeds from the sale of SJKS promotional items go towards the organization’s mission. Every purchase made and item worn or used supports SJKS in its work and raises awareness about its mission, and help’s it in its branding and Cause-marketing. Promotional items help SJKS to include details and highlight their message utilizing communication with people at a personal and deeper level.

Giving back and Service programs that volunteer’s undertake wearing Jerseys have long-lasting and positive implications. It’s easy to change a channel during a commercial, but a Jersey/T-shirt worn in public has a physical presence that cannot be ignored. It allows to extend the reach in a way not possible through other mediums.

So please help our mission by making purchases of our promotional items.