SJKS wishes to be transparent in all of its transactions in order to ensure donors, members, volunteers, board members, and other stakeholders understand its financial health and to ensure they become engaged and committed to helping, by means of which SJKS can receive more resources and contributions.

Please be considerate with how SJKS treats ‘need to know” vs. “confidential” information in making it available.


These are documents that SJKS (incorporated August 2019) is legally required to share:


There is no legal obligation for SJKS to share the following documents;

  • Names of donors who wish to remain anonymous.
  • Strategic planning documents.
  • Confidential material that could jeopardize the reputation or the integrity of an individual.
  • Budget statements that demonstrate or serve as indicators of financial activities that took place.
  • Executive session minutes
  • Private addresses of board members.
  • Personnel files of board members