Namma Kannada Kalike Kaaryakrama

Namma Kannada Kalike Kaaryakrama has been operating under the auspices of the San Joaquin Kannada Sangha (SJKS) since 2020.

This program aligns with the objectives outlined in the SJKS Articles of Incorporation by the founders of the sangha. Accordingly a resolution to establish a Kannada teaching program based on a structured curriculum to help learners listen, read, write, and converse in Kannada was made by the SJKS board in 2019.

Our mission is to inspire Kannada learners to utilize educational opportunities through a practical understanding of the real world. The program began with a team of four teachers in 2020. By 2023-24, it has expanded to a team of seventeen.

We have researched and consulted with industry experts managing Kannada language programs to create a tailored curriculum. The accompanying textbooks and workbooks, authored and edited by our team in collaboration with experienced advisors, have helped our students achieve broader objectives such as:

  • Gaining an understanding of Karnataka and the deep-rooted values of Kannada language and culture.
  • Building confidence to manage real-life situations in Kannada.
  • Cultivating an attachment to Kannada literature and a long-term love for the language.
  • Developing the ability to write letters, articles, journals, etc., in Kannada.
  • Performing as amateurs in Kannada events.
  • Engaging in Kannada blogging, podcasting, and Instagramming.
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The curriculum is reorganized into small, manageable units to help learners progress through the learning ladder, with activities and learning materials that provide ample scope for peer group learning.

With a sincere attempt to make the learning content interesting and to help learners gain mastery of the subject, all our grade-level books are replete with engaging, contextualized, and well-presented text and illustrations. This approach avoids rote learning and fosters a deeper and in-depth understanding of the subject matter.

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