Support a cause

One of the objectives SJKS has is raising money to support a cause. It expends a decent amount of thought and diligence to zero in on a cause that best deserves the donation. Figuring out an organization best suited to serve the cause becomes important. The impact the donation will make will depend on the organization behind the cause. It is important to do background research to ensure donation dollars go only to an organization that makes better use of it.

In deciding to donate for a cause some of these factors either in combination or individually could be taken into account:

  • Scale: How big is the problem? How many lives does it affect in the long term? If we solved it today, how much would that benefit the world?
  • Solvability: How easy is it to solve the problem? Do solutions already exist, and if so, how strong is the evidence behind them?
  • Neglectedness: How many resources are already devoted to this problem? How many people know about it? Are there good reasons why it hasn’t been solved yet?
  • Donor excitement: How much do donors especially the big ones, feel the urge to come forward and donate for the cause,

Once SJKS has chosen a cause, it is important to find out which of the solutions are best, to put dollars to work.